The Vine Hotel, Funchal Madeira, Portugal

Bedroom_Design_The_Vine_HotelThe Vine Hotel is located in downtown Funchal Madeira Portugal. The hotel is very beautiful and has a charming interior design. Generous space and pared-down sophistication are the trademarks of this superb new property, which takes its name from the local vines used to make the island’s world-famous Madeira wine.

Interiors reflect the unique vision of award-winning Portuguese designer Nini Andrade Silva, whose 79 rooms and suites offer the perfect blend of top-of-the-line amenities, high-tech facilities and, in some cases, breathtaking views over the city or harbour. The Vine succeeds in combining luxurious surroundings with personalised service and outstanding hospitality – ideal both for guests travelling on business and those visiting for pleasure.

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~ by djtapedek on October 30, 2009.

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