Stella Beer Strike!!!

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Beer drinkers face running out of Stella Artois within days after a week-long blockade  by Belgian brewery workers in a protest over job cuts. Supplies of Leffe and Jupiler have also been hit by the protest at three sites across the country where the lagers are made. Shops in Belgium will run out of stocks in days after owners Anheuser-Busch failed to stop the strike continuing into next week.

Sky Cottage by Archimania

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Archimania’s Barry Alan Yoakum, designed the “Sky Cottage” house in Memphis, Tennessee.


Say Anything Puppet Tribute in the City

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Clever Healthy Food Packaging

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Stereotype by Daizi Zheng is a series of creative food packaging designed to encourage people to change their bad eating habits. The project includes carrot sticks packaged like cigarettes, blueberries in a blister pack, and celery sticks in a french fry carton.

Lego iPhone App

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You can use this nifty, free Lego iPhone App to Lego-ize pictures and get all artsy. It will transform any picture you take and makes multiple versions with a simple touch.

Supra 2009 Spring/Summer Collection Skytop II

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Supra officially releases the Supra Skytop II this season. Three versions will debut including the Black Suede, White TUF, and Navy/Gold Leather. Both the Black Suede and Navy/Gold Leather styles release as of Friday, January 15th while the White TUF version will drop on February 15th, 2010.


See-Through Vision Toaster from Magimix

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The Magimix Vision Toaster is the very first of its kind to boast clear, easy to clean, glass windows through which you can watch your bread get browner by the second.

See more HERE.

Lightspeed Champion – “Tell Me What It’s Worth”

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Julien Bergignat Tattoo Bicycle Helmet

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Drawing inspiration from the Armadillo, French designer Julien Bergignat has created a lightweight, low cost, and recyclable bicycle helmet. The “Tattoo helmet” is made completely of polypropylene, and is able to transform from flat to three dimensional and back again in a matter of seconds.

See and read more at DEFINITIVE TOUCH.

Billionaire Boys Club Spring 2010 Footwear

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Billionaire Boys Club starts 2010 with with a preview of some of their new footwear. The collection includes two pairs of shoes, a deck shoe and a chukka. The deck shoe contains familiar BBC illustrations including its well used diamond and dollar signs and comes in black. The chukka caries with it a space theme, done in all black with white dots scattered all over representing stars in deep space.