Domu Has Left The Building..

domuI had the honor of interviewing Domu a few years back for a magazine article as he was (and still remains) one of my favorite DJ’s/Producers/Remixers, so it pains me to inform you (assuming you don’t already know) that Domu is calling it quits. Not just Domu, but Umod, Sonar Circle, Bakura, Yotoko, Rima, Zoltar, etc., all have exited the building.

While it is a great loss to music, it is very much a personal choice of his that should/will be respected regardless of how much we may disagree.

All I can say not just as a producer and DJ, but as a FAN of good music is that we have enjoyed your music for the past 10 (has it been that long????) years and hope whatever your next endeavor may be that you find just as much success if not more. While you don’t need to offer any reasoning we appreciate that you did explain why you’ve come to this conclusion and while we’d still love to see you stay, we (I) can completely understand your rationale.

We wish you the best sir. Thank you for the countless jams you’ve provided. You will remain a fixture in our iPod.

( was kind enough to post a mix Domu did in 2006. Feel free to check it out HERE.)


~ by djtapedek on November 16, 2009.

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