Pronunciation: \ˈsnü-tē\
Function: adjective
snewtiness\ˈsnü-tē-nəs\ noun
1. Ambitious, progressive, appealing, high-minded, confident, fun, informative

2. Meaning-mindset that shows ones own confidence in all parts of life with the understanding that being different is beneficial and detrimental to a persons development.

Snewty is a Lifestyle movement
targeted at the 18-35 age bracket. It is the embodiment of young urban life. Our goal is simply shed light on urban culture in every capacity from music, art, fashion, entertainment, relationships, sports, health, to the intellectual essence of life. It is the blend of all these things that makes Snewty Always fashionably progressive, yet progressively dope.


~ by djtapedek on October 12, 2009.

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