Erik Griffioen to Exhibit at London Design Festival

eg_110909_01Erik Griffioen (1976) designs with a powerful monumental beauty in mind. For him shape comes first, then material. His chairs and couches invite you to view them from all sides. As you walk around they seem to be changing their shape. Griffioen: ‘My work has to be exciting from every angle, have character, beauty and quality. And most of all: it has to be comfortable’.

Many of his chairs are interconnected. From his first chair came a second, a third and a fourth. And each generation would produce one or two new designs. He allowed himself only to change a design to create a new one, by rearranging points and lines according to a certain number of rules. This method of working has made Griffioens work into a recognizable visual idiom.

During the 2009 London Design Week, Dutch designer Erik Griffioen will be exhibiting with Designers Block at Earls Court along side 100% Design. For his third fair he will bring along the red and white couch called Coucho together with the silent Growl, the elegant Gio and the energetic Shezza, which has not been exhibited anywhere before.

Visit Erik Griffioen’s website – here.


~ by djtapedek on September 15, 2009.

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  1. Hi there,
    Nice post, I just stumbled upon it and I am already a fan.

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