Artist – Elizabeth Peyton

elizabeth+peyton+001She may be a superstar of the 1990’s art world with most of her previous work consisting of high profile rock and rollers- kurt cobain, being the pinnacle of the celebrated bunch from the era that gave us grunge. But for peyton, her work is not about the celebrity or fame.

She says “I think so many people when they look at the work- me too, sometimes- see who the picture is of and forget that it’s an artwork… Paintings take time and they become a concentration of a lot of feelings, not just a description of what someone looks like. I wouldn’t say I’m driven to make portraits- it’s more about people. People are just so interesting. they’re the location of many things: history, time, love.  Above all things, love.”

“live forever: elizabeth peyton” is at the Whitechapel Gallery, London, e1 until sept 20th.

~ by djtapedek on August 6, 2009.

One Response to “Artist – Elizabeth Peyton”

  1. a very good artist, cool

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