Infinitas Futuristic Yacht By Schopfer Yachts

infinitas-by-schopfer-yachts-01If only this were the boat that The Lonely Island and T-Pain were talking about being on. They’d be doing more than having mermaid encounters that much is for sure. Perhaps they would be touching down on the helipad located on the bow deck of the 300 ft Infinitas, by Schopfer Yachts and Sparkman & Stephens.

Upon arrival they’d no doubt travel to one of the Infinitas’ other 2 decks to enjoy the view, or maybe head inside to the living room for a drink while dinner was prepared in the yacht’s kitchen facility. After dinner they could finally retire with their mermaids to any one of the series of guest suites on the secondary bow deck, and one group to the owner’s suite, equipped with a glass sky bridge, pilot house, and it’s own upper deck.

At the heart of this masterpiece of nautical engineering and minimalist design is a swimming pool with a clear walkway through the middle, allowing travelers to ‘walk on water.’ Not even James Bond was ever on a boat like this.

Read more at GRADIENT.


~ by djtapedek on July 21, 2009.

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