Blog- “Wrath At Hipsters Misguided”

time-nyHipsters sometimes get a bad wrap for many issues ranging from slacker culture to being faux artists to gentrification according to Lost at E Minor author Gerry Mak. Mak points out in this story that while he can understand, “resentment towards people who seem superficial, people who come en masse and change the culture of a place but the term hipster itself — a term with an ephemeral definition at best — seems dangerously close to slurs thrown at immigrants.”

Whether the term hipster is as bad as any racial slur is HIGHLY debateable (a debate in which you will probably lose), it is still in fact debateable. Moreso in the sense that it is a stereotype of a group (and to an extent class) of people.

A very interesting read here.

The blog written by Mak was very well written, but I urge anyone who is truly interested to read the comments below as well. It shows a range of thinking from various readers and leads to very interesting questions and commentary.

Read the blog HERE.


~ by djtapedek on July 14, 2009.

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