Brown Sound Donovan Tweed Coat

IMG_5309We at JJ3012 believe that fashion should be affordable making it available to everyone.. Apparently so do the people at Brown Sound.

Brown Sound the range is the brain child of Johnee Guitar. A formidable situationist, provos, socialite, and all around renaissance man best known for his being featured in many of Jean Luc Godard films, or William Klein photographs. He started Brown Sound in 1968 after the student and situationist coup  in the Sorbonne. No longer satisfied with the traditional stylings of the bourgeoisie. He set out to make clothes that captured the spirit of the “Days of War, Nights of Love” lifestyle.

Brown Sound is for revivalutionary capitalistactivisionaires, that are a bit refined and understand the subtle nuances of modernity, the abnormality of the banality and other esoteric cultural references.

… Brown Sound is a museum for and by pop vultures.

This is why we likes them!

Purchase their stuff online @ CUTDROP.


~ by djtapedek on July 8, 2009.

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