DJ Food – “The Illectrik Hoax”

djfoodBegun in the early nineties by DJs ColdcutLPs, the collaborative DJ Food and PC as a series of jazz breaks project has over the years morphed down to one man, Strictly Kev, a DJ and graphic designer for Ninja Tune. Kev’s currently finishing the first DJ Food album since 2001–due for release next year–and he’s prefacing it with two EPs, the first of which is the source of this nugget, One Man’s Weird Is Another Man’s World. “The Illectric Hoax” is one of those intergalactic big beat tunes that only get made by dudes with more records than people who live in Wyoming, meaning for us plebes it is essentially a Cliff Notes to obscure vinyl nerdom.

Download “The Illectrik Hoax” at RCRDLBL.COM

~ by djtapedek on July 6, 2009.

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