Floating Garden by Benjamin Graindorge and Duende Studio

floating_garden_benjamin_graindorge_5Benjamin Graindorge and Duende Studio have created a natural water filtration system for aquariums. It’s an innovative solution to the daily maintenance requirements of freshwater aquariums, a filtering system that is 100% natural using a cushion of sand plus plants in a tray that sits above the aquarium. Its recycling principle is based on hydroponics, it does away with the chore of regular water changes and proposes a new way, the result a cross between a decorative glass vase and a water purifying plant. “The fish tank is a microcosm that reflects human concerns: within the finite space of its architecture the main issue that conditions the well-being of its inhabitants is waste management.”

Read more @ MoCo Loco.


~ by djtapedek on June 24, 2009.

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