San Francisco Uses Twitter for 311 Program

sanfran-1Twitter is everywhere and while some debate the need to tell people “what you’re doing right now,” there are fascinating aspects demonstrating the social network’s biggest strength – it’s ability to connect. City’s are harnessing this strength and using it to improve their community services.

For instance, San Francisco is one of the first cities to implement a City-Wide 311 twitter program. As stated in their press release: “In an effort to foster more civic collaboration and connectivity with constituents, Mayor Newsom today announced a first of its kind application that allows citizens to access the City’s 311 Call Center through Twitter, a social networking service. Instead of making a phone call, members of the public can send a short message called a “tweet” to alert the city about a pothole, or simply find out about the City’s green initiatives. ‘I’m very excited that San Francisco is the first major City to roll out an application of this magnitude on Twitter,’ said Newsom. ‘We are changing the way cities connect with their government.’”

How about that!?


~ by djtapedek on June 9, 2009.

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