“10 Things Every Man Over 25 Should Own” – Maurice Christian

10) At least 2 suits

A friend of mine told me a story about one of his cousins who always dressed well, but he only owned one suit. When he died that was the suit he was buried in. “If he could have saw himself, he woulda been really disappointed, but it wasn’t his family’s fault.. He only had one suit!” my friend said. With that being said, every man over 25 should own at least 2 suits. One black, one navy, or add another one to switch things up (think grey or heather and stay away from electric blue, red, purple a la Steve Harvey)

winebottles9) A nice wine selection

I enjoy having company over. When my friends come over we usually sit around with a couple beers, or depending when in the week, we might even make a cocktail or two. BUT women don’t always drink beer (surprising I know!), and sometimes a cocktail is more than what they’re willing to drink. At this time it becomes handy to have at least 3 bottles of wine.

Some people think it’s all about the pricing that determines a good bottle of wine, but to be honest there are $50 bottles that taste like $15 bottles and vice versa. It all depends on what YOU prefer. I find that the best way to find a bottle you like (besides tasting them all of course) is to ask around. Wine shops are usually knowledgeable on the various types of wines and can help you pick something that’s suited for your taste.

At least a bottle of red and a bottle of white wine, then there are many other types of wine to whet your whistle. But the thing that’s most important to remember is that the more variety you have the more likely you are to please all parties. Male and female.

8 )A pair of boat shoes

I honestly feel that boat shoes are so comfortable and stylish that every man over 25 should own a pair. You can wear them down with a pair of jeans and a button-up, with a pair of casual pants and polo, or in nicer weather with khaki shorts. I know you’re probably saying “Gilligan is not stylish”, but there are a few different companies that design more up to date looking versions, such as Sperry, Lacoste, Rockport, etc. so you don’t have to look like your grandpa handed you his old summer shoes.

7)A billfold wallet

After you graduate from high school your Super Mario Bros. wallet that you’ve had for the past 8 years prior should be replaced by a decent billfold wallet. It doesn’t have to be uber-expensive. I don’t believe there is a reason to pay $200 for a wallet as it’s something that won’t be seen a majority of the time. Unless you can afford to buy a $200 wallet AND keep something in it afterwards, I’d stick with a $50 maximum. Marc Jacobs has a rubber billfold wallet for $17 (I kid you not). So go and get rid of that Donkey Kong wallet!

6) A Bookshelf

We do about 16+ years in school (elementary, high school, possibly college). It’s here where we learn to communicate, make friends, learn, and play (especially in college), but more important we learn to read. While we’re younger we learn to say words, form sentences, etc. As we get older we learn how to “manipulate” words and contextualize the sentences of others. We should never let go of this. I seriously urge people to read. Man AND women, over AND under 25.

That being said, a bookshelf, even one that holds the bare minimum not only adds a new dimension to a room, but it also shows other what your interests are.

You are what you read!

bvlgariproscuba5) A nice timepiece

There are two men walking into a restaurant. One man is in a business suit, the other is in jeans and sweatshirt. The man in the business suit is very well put together. His shoes are polished, and groomed neat. He also has a nice watch on. The second guy looks like a regular guy. There’s nothing really extraordinary about him. He has the same watch as the guy in the business suit. What’s the difference between them???

One of those guys has the day off.

4) A sense of humor

This one is so simple. We often forget that the best way to forget our troubles is simply to laugh. At 25, you shouldn’t be taking yourself super-serious and at 45, you should have seen enough to laugh at misunderstandings and minor setbacks. A sense of humor will get you far if applied correctly.

3) A pair of black and brown shoes

The saying that “The first thing a women notices are your shoes” is slightly accurate. While it might not be the absolute first thing, it is still high on the list. The best outfit in the world can easily be ruined by an awful pair of shoes or sneakers, or confusion on which go where! To avoid this atrocity, start yourself with the basics, one pair of black shoes, one pair of brown shoes, and a pair of basic sneakers (monotone, or simple color scheme). Again, like suits, once you have the basics, you can start branching into other colors.

Regarding sneakers, depending on what your style is, let that determine what you put on your feet. Everything in GQ or Details Magazine Is NOT for everyone. I actually know very few men who own gold and silver sneakers..

2) At least one jazz album

Some people like it, some people can’t stand it.. I believe it’s all about what you’ve been subjected to.. Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Dizzy Gillespie, Art Blakey, Donald Byrd, Nina Simone.. At some point between the hundreds of jazz legends and contemporary jazz musicians, EVERY MAN OVER 25 SHOULD OWN AT LEAST ONE JAZZ ALBUM!

Some people aren’t into the complexity of polyrhythms and syncopations, which is understandable. However, it doesn’t mean you should banish an entire genre because of one artist (if that were the case rap music would be done for!). There are forms of jazz that are less strenuous to both listen to as well as comprehend. More important is that it rounds out your musical collection as anyone who can go from AC/DC to Roy Ayers would truly have a lot of space in between the two for more music!

Like anything in life, give it a try! Of course this list is just my opinion.

passport-mexico1) A passport

The world is a huge place. 148,940,000 km² of land and 361,132,000 km² of water to separate (thanks Wikipedia). There is no reason whatsoever for a man who is of age and financially able to never leave his country. A passport is not just a scrapbook of places you been, it’s your ticket to places you want to go! Go out and experience other countries and cultures. I find it difficult to believe that some people have never left the state they’re from, even worse the city. If I tell you to do anything, it’s to go to your post office and get a passport! There’s 148,940,000 km² of land outside your home that awaits you!


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  1. Number 4 & 5, priceless!

  2. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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