Complete Technique

Have you ever wondered where DJ’s and producers get their cool jewelry from??? I’m not talking about medallions that look like the owner or iced out Newport boxes but cool shit like MPC’S, cassettes, boomboxes, etc. Enter the world of Complete Technique.

rs001_gp mpc30002

Fresh jewelry such as collaboration pieces with Rocksmith like the Gold Cassette run you about $200. So  even if your just a bedroom DJ, you can still go out in public and look like a pro! Be warned that the custom jewelry is a bit pricier as they start to offer more high quality metals such as 14K Gold, White Gold, Platinum, even the option to encrust your piece with diamonds. For the end all producer the MPC is the go-to tool.. So why not get a piece for your chain that expresses your admiration of this machine??? For $10,000 you too can look like your favorite rapper or beatmaker (or at least floss harder). Sorry guys, no guitars or drum sets to be found..

But the fun doesn’t stop there! There are multiple items to choose from such as 14K Gold/ White Gold headphones,microphones, skateboards (for you rich skaters out there), speakers, 14K gold speaker bracelets, rings (with the option for diamonds), headshells, etc. So while I’m not an advocate of ballin out on jewelry $200 for the piece above doesn’t other me that much.. But then again, that’s still money that can go to other things… Like records, gear, and umm… rent.

~ by djtapedek on February 27, 2009.

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