I’m a Raver (sorta)

Ahh.. Hartford, CT.. Home of NBA star Marcus Camby, Author Mark Twain, and… THE MUNICIPLE CAFE!

Yep, I was one of those kids out there late at night coming up for air from the downstairs room blasting out house, techno, and drum and bass, etc. Overly baggy pants, Pickachu t-shirts, and bright colored shoes, and a wristful of “candy”.

As far as footwear was concerned (though it wasn’t) hands down whatever shoes we skated in earlier would probably been sufficient enough to handle the task of dancing from 11pm to 6am (though I did have a bad ass pair of air max’s to match my old UFO’s).


But the times have changed (kinda). The rave scene is no longer as visible as it once was. Parties have gone deeper and deeper underground. Flyers are scarce and locations scarcer. Being from the East coast and migrating to Chicago is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. Not just for the obvious reasons (do you REALLY want to compare Hartford, CT to Chicago??? Didn’t think so). But for the reason that now I can compare and contrasts different scenes. And the more I talk to older House DJ’s (or older DJ’s in general), promoters, etc.. I see that the “scenes” as far away as they were physically and maybe even sonically had plenty of similar traits. Underground House parties in abandoned warehouses, secret codes to find the location.. All of those ring a bell. And just when the cities think they have those scenes under control guess what? (WHAT???) We’ve learned!!!

We’ve learned that there are ALWAYS ways around the system. For as much as they want to tear apart the underground music (and lets say art as well because the two DO go hand in hand!), there are people in the mix of things who will not let that happen through calling bullshit on acts such as The Chicago Promoter’s Ordinance (ahem.. Jagoff). So when people talk about the rave scene is “dead” or the deep house scene is “dead”, let us remember that in every loft party without a license, in every house party without a permit, there is a bit of those scenes alive and well making it easy for you to enjoy your night without having to pay megaclubs hundreds (and if you’re a promoter thousands) of your hard earned bucks!

Long live house! Long live Disco


-Quris Jetson


~ by djtapedek on February 25, 2009.

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